Advance Registration

All students who have completed full Student Disability Services (SDS) affiliation are eligible for advance registration through the Office of the University Registrar. This accommodation allows SDS affiliated students to schedule courses prior to their designated window. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule courses within the advance registration window to prepare a schedule that meets their specific needs. This also assists SDS staff with coordinating accommodations prior to the beginning of each semester.

Students are notified of their advance registration window during Fall and Spring semesters. Registration typically occurs during the months of October and April. Students must complete full SDS affiliation to be eligible for the accommodation. Provisionally affiliated students are not eligible for advance registration. University holds and course restrictions may impact the ability to register for courses. Student should contact the Office of the University Registrar regarding university holds. Advance registration does not supercede course restrictions and SDS staff do not have the ability to force add students to courses. Students are encouraged to speak with their academic departments regarding course restriction concerns.

Check the Miami University academic calendar for course registration time ticket release dates.

For more information regarding advance registration, please contact the SDS office on your campus: