Captioning and Interpreting Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) provides captioning and interpreting services for qualified students. Some examples include:

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

CART is a service frequently provided to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have other qualifying disabilities. A professional service provider captures spoken word in real time. This spoken word is then transmitted to the user electronically in real time and provided in the form of a transcript.


C-Print and Supernotes are note-taking services provided by a professional captionist. The captionist is present in the classroom and seated separately from the student. Students are provided with a condensed transcript to reference after class.

Sign Language Interpreting

SDS works with local agencies to provide qualified interpreters for classes, lectures and University sponsored events.

Roger Pen

The Phonak Roger Pen is a discreet, wireless microphone worn by the instructor that transmits to the student’s hearing device which enables users to hear class information with greater clarity. The Roger Pen will also transmit sound from a TV, iPhone or iPad directly to a hearing device.

Current students using services are encouraged to review the current Captioning and Interpreting Procedures for more information.