Housing and Dining Accommodations

Miami University recognizes students with disabilities may require individualized housing and dining accommodations to fully participate in campus life. The university provides these accommodations in accordance with federal disability laws.

Housing Accommodations

The residential living experience is an integral component to being part of the Miami community. In collaboration with the Campus Services Center, the Miller Center for Student Disability Services coordinates housing accommodations for eligible students. Disability housing accommodations are provided at no additional cost.

We encourage you to review the Housing Accommodation Request Procedure for more information.

Dining Accommodations

Proper nutrition is essential for well-being and peak academic performance. Miami’s Dining Services provides a comprehensive array of food and dining options. They also offer My Tray Nutrition, an online tool that allows students to view nutritional information and filter menu options by dining hall and allergens.

In addition to comprehensive dining services, the university supports students with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Dining services works diligently to help these students develop plans to obtain proper nutrition in a manner that fits their life. Students with individualized nutrition needs are encouraged to contact a Registered Dietitian within Dining Services. Dining Services can be reached at 513-529-3040 or dining@MiamiOH.edu.

In some instances, additional arrangements may need to be coordinated. The Miller Center regularly coordinates dining accommodations in collaboration with Dining Services. We recommend first meeting with the university dietician. If additional disability accommodations are necessary, students should affiliate with disability services for services and work with their assigned Coordinator to develop accommodation plans.

We encourage you to review the Health and Special Diets information available from Dining Services.