Our Space

CSDI Main Space (Armstrong 2030)

The CSDI strives for inclusive excellence and is a physical space on campus for students to come and be their most authentic selves. Our space is dedicated to students who want to come in and study, read, socialize, and build community with people who share the same or similar identities. Administrative offices for our full-time staff are also included in this suite.

CSDI C-Suite (Armstrong 3032)

The C-Suite, located on the third floor of Armstrong, is another lounge space that our students have the ability to utilize during the Armstrong operating hours. This is a great space for small to medium scale programming for student organizations. The space could be used for group meetings, studying, programming, or just a social space to hang with friends. Contact csdi@miamioh.edu for more information on reserving the space.

CSDI Conference Room (Armstrong 3033)

The CSDI conference room is a small quiet space located on the third floor of the Armstrong Student Center. This space is ideal for small group meetings of students or student organization executive boards. Contact csdi@miamioh.edu for more information on reserving the space.

Open Door Clothes Closet (Armstrong 2030)

The Open Door Clothes Closet (ODCC) is a free resource for transgender and nonbinary students to receive clothes, shoes, and other accessories as they navigate their transition. Students can make appointments through our ODCC page or utilize our drop-in hours.

Identity Library (Armstrong 2030)

Coming soon! The Identity Library is a collection of affirming, young-adult fiction available for check-out. 

Media Center (Armstrong 2030)

Our media center is equipped with computers and free printing for everyone to use. Students can also use this space as a quiet study room.

Wellness Room (Armstrong 2030)

The Wellness Room room was formed in collaboration with the Office of Student Wellness to create a space for students to unwind, reflect, meditate, or engage in a quiet activity. There are different activities and resources available in the room to help students relax including fidget toys, aromatherapy, relaxing sound machines, low lighting, anxiety-reducing bean bag chairs, and more.