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DEI in Leadership Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

A: The course — free to Miami faculty, staff, and graduate students through Miami’s online course catalog — can be accessed with Miami credentials. Click on "Browse catalogs" at the top right and choose Faculty/Staff in the drop-down menu. Select Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fall 2023.

Q: Who can take the DEI In Leadership Certificate?

A: Miami University faculty, staff and graduate students can take the course created for Miami University for free.

Alumni, community members, or external organizations, sign up for the Award Winning DEI In Leadership Certificate to advance your DEI goals.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?

A: Registration opens on Febraury 14 and will remain open until June 30.

Q: What is the deadline to complete the DEI in Leadership modules?

A: Modules must be completed by June 30. The site will close and access will be declined after June 30. This certificate initiative is developed so each individual can complete at your own pace. Register by June 30 and complete by June 30.

Q: After completion will I receive a certificate?

A: As a Miami University faculty, staff or graduate student once you complete all modules during one session you will receive a certificate after your completion.

Q: I did not complete all of the modules, however, I would like to share with my supervisor the modules I have completed, where can I get this information?

A: When you register for the course, opt in to receive emails in Canvas  and you will receive an email after successful completion of each module. This can be screenshot or printed off to share with a supervisor and for your records.

Q: How many hours does it take to complete the modules?

A: There are 14 modules and it takes 45 minutes to complete each module.

Q: I’ve completed modules during a previous semester and I did not receive the certification, can I register for the course to complete the remaining modules?

A: Yes, you may return to Miami’s Course Catalog to register and complete the modules, however, you will not receive a certificate. Turn on your email notification in Canvas to receive a confirmation email after your successful completion of each module. 

Q: I’ve already completed the certificate, can I register to complete the additional modules?

A: Yes, you may return to Miami’s Course Catalog to register to complete the new modules. The modules are free for Miami University faculty, staff and graduate students.
Please click here to download a PDF version of our FAQ section.

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