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An Inclusive Excellence Approach to Performance Evaluations


Below are examples of incorporating DEI in employee performance and goal-setting.

Goal: Participate in at least one professional development course or opportunity to enhance diversity awareness and/or cultural competency during the year.

  • DEI Online Module Series
  • Antiracism Workshop or another OIDI workshop
  • Participate in or train to be a facilitator for Safe Zone training I, II, III
  • Green Zone training
  • National or regional DEI Conference or conference workshop

Goal: Support diversifying the applicant pool for faculty/staff/student positions.

  • Design and implement strategies for attracting a more diverse pool of applicants for positions.

Goal: Contribute to programming that supports DEI.

  • Promote and/or develop professional development forums, initiatives, and/or events that enhance diversity & inclusion.
  • Request a workshop from OIDI, CSDI and/or OEEO for your unit.
  • Take on a leadership role in one of Miami’s Faculty/Staff/Student Affinity groups; serve as an advisor for a diversity-focused student organization; join a cohort of Women of Color Leadership Support Network; organize a speaker series focusing on DEI in your area; collaborate on Heritage Month Programming.

Goal: Develop work schedules and programming that are inclusive and recognize the observation of diverse holidays.

  • Proactively examine and adjust programming plans to be respectful of diverse holidays.

Goal: Contribute to mentoring and supporting diverse talent.

  • Serve as a mentor or mentee in a mentoring program.

Goal: Participate in and actively contribute to a university DEI Council or committee.

Participate in and actively contribute to a university DEI Council or committee.

Goal: Develop or edit educational or promotional materials so that they are culturally sensitive and accessible.

Supervisors should be willing to lead and inspire their unit and employees to fulfill DEI goals and strategic priorities. Miami employees are expected to treat others with fairness and dignity; foster inclusion; respect individual and group differences; enhance inclusion, equity, and diversity; and contribute to departmental and organizational unit diversity strategic goals.

Office of Transformational and Inclusive Excellence

Our mission is to empower each student, staff, and faculty member to promote and become engaged citizens who use their acquired knowledge and skills with integrity and compassion to improve the future of the community and the world.

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