Ordering Products

Miami merchanise
 Miami golf shirts and caps
 Miami electronics
 Miami Women's Apparel
Miami children's clothing

To Request Approval 

  • Select a licensed vendor to produce the product(s) for you.
  • Develop artwork for the product.
    • The licensed vendor that you are working with can assist you in the artwork development. The artwork must comply with all of the standards listed in the University’s Brand Standards and the guidelines outlined on this site.
    • Refer to Artwork Development for additional guidelines.
  • The licensed vendor will submit your artwork design for approval.
    • You will need to provide the vendor with the quantity you’re ordering and a description of how you’re going use the products in order for them to submit the artwork for approval.
  • Begin Production!
    • Once approved, the licensed vendor will forward you a copy of the approval for your records and begin production of the products.  You will need to upload a copy of the approval notification into Miami Buyway if you are paying for the products via a purchase order.


Note for Students: You must be an officially registered student organization or club sports team in order to use the University’s brand on merchandise.