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Brand Identity Guide

The Brand

Miami University's brand extends far beyond the logos, wordmarks, symbols, and images seen throughout our marketing and communications materials. The brand is a complex system driven by the emotions of our audiences who connect their personal experiences to Miami. Comprehensive brand research was performed to capture these shared experiences and to establish the institution's positioning, voice, and visual identity that are outlined in these brand standards.

The Miami University brand standards define a flexible, yet consistent identity that allow both internal and external partners to develop Miami branded materials. Consistent standards set clear expectations for the appearance of branded materials and allow brand communicators the flexibility they need to meet the needs of diverse audiences. A unified and consistent brand image allows for broader awareness of the institution and a stronger Miami identity.

Brand System

High-level overview of Miami University's key brand elements.

Identity System

The Miami University logo is a powerful and recognizable symbol of the university. It unites all Miami constituents — students, faculty and staff, alumni, partners, and the broader community. Our logo includes two key elements: the Beveled-M and "Miami University" wordmark.

Logo Usage Guidelines

The logo is the fundamental visual expression of Miami’s identity. Learn more about the proper use of our primary logos, secondary logos, lock-ups, and the presidential seal.


Miami forges strategic partnerships with other organizations. These relationships benefit the university, our community, and the world by creating innovation and efficiency.

Editorial Style

Establishing brand voice and ensuring consistency.

Brand In Use

Learn more about Cascade CMS, Emma, Localist, and all other tools we use on campus.

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It is important to note that Miami University owns its brand. If you wish to use any of the elements of the university's brand, you agree to follow the terms outlined in these brand guidelines.