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Inclusive Branding

At Miami University, we strive to be a community where all cultures and identities are celebrated — a place where ideas can be freely exchanged, can be modified, and can evolve.

We know that new perspectives and experiences make us better, not only as individuals but as a university community.

Our actions to become a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community extend to the university’s brand. How we communicate about diversity, equity, and inclusion matters — not just in a diversity-focused communication — but across every communication we create.

As Brand Communicators:

We must question bias.

We must eradicate stereotypes of Miami constituents in the marketing and communications materials that we create.

We must engage all of our audiences to understand their identities and experiences and ensure we are representing them in the way that they want to be represented.

We must be aware that people’s reactions to communications are as varied as their life experiences and points of view.

We must incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.

We must integrate diversity at the beginning of the creative process and not relegate it to a checkbox at the end of development.

It’s through these actions that we can begin creating an inclusive brand. Throughout this guide, you will find communications best practices. We are all still learning, and these resources are not meant to be exhaustive or final.