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Brand pillars are the foundation of the Miami brand.

Brand pillars express the essential truths about Miami University — what sets us apart from our competitors and how we provide value to the world. Brand pillars provide a guide for all of your communications. When you're creating copy or designing visuals, bring at least one of these pillars to life. As you're communicating with audiences:

  • Align your style, tone, and messaging to at least one brand pillar.
  • Convey Miami's purpose and key differentiators based on the pillars.
  • Do not use brand pillars as taglines.

Reaching Globally to Impact Personally

The distinct attributes that distinguish Miami University reveal an institution that is unlike any other in the world. These wide-ranging brand traits combine to formulate an uncommon recipe for success.

We are called to understand deeply, to learn broadly, to think entrepreneurially, to serve purposefully, to connect intentionally.

Pillar 1 | To Understand Deeply

We have a fundamental need to understand — ourselves, each other, and the universe around us. Even the most inspired innovation relies on the timeless methods of inquiry developed centuries ago. As a public university with a global reach, we champion what’s next — cutting-edge research, essential partnerships, and the life-changing experiences that produce trailblazing thinkers. We commit to providing these meaningful experiences to all students — not merely a select few.

Miami strives to forge a bold future built upon the foundation of our rich history.

Brand characteristics: Timeless yet inspired

Pillar 2 | To Learn Broadly

To open new paths of discovery and creativity, our research and scholarship must first transcend the boundaries between disciplines. Our breadth of knowledge strengthens our ability to explore and specialize in emerging fields. We commit ourselves to a transdisciplinary approach to education — collaborating across subject areas and producing well-rounded scholars who can apply their knowledge in multiple fields.

Miami provides expertise that is informed by the most comprehensive range of knowledge and yet relies on the most precise level of skill.

Brand characteristics: Comprehensive yet precise

Pillar 3 | To Think Entrepreneurially

A complex world requires the ability to think in unconventional ways. The entrepreneurial mindset — resilient, adaptive, tolerant of risk — thrives within all types of organizations. With our hands-on, innovative approach to education, we help others create successful outcomes beyond their dreams. With our emphasis on transformational leadership, we develop the intellectual pioneers who will shape the future.

Miami empowers people in each field of study and every line of work to lead, learn from setbacks, and change the status quo.

Brand characteristics: Driven yet perceptive

Pillar 4 | To Serve Purposefully

Knowledge and expertise are most valuable when they’re shared with others and used to impact the greater good. Humility tempers our ambition. A clear sense of purpose guides our generosity. Our passion for discovery in our fields of inquiry is equaled only by our desire to improve life for all. An investment in Miami produces returns not only for our graduates, but for our community and our world.

Miami harnesses the diverse intellect and capabilities of a world-class institution and directs its energy toward solving the world’s greatest problems.

Brand characteristics: Ambitious yet generous

Pillar 5 | To Connect Intentionally

Collaboration and inclusion are catalysts for critical thinking. Our global network of learners, thinkers, and achievers works together to open a universe of possibilities. Diverse viewpoints and identities strengthen everything we do. Our commitment to equity demands that we break down barriers to learning while seeking opinions that may challenge our own. We empower every member of our community by recognizing that the depth of our connection relies on our willingness to transform, and be transformed by, our university.

Miami nurtures interconnected partnerships and celebrates the distinct value brought by all people.

Brand characteristics: Interconnected yet distinct