Central Quad

Aerial view of Central Quad in the fall. Miami residence halls are surrounded by brightly colored trees

Central Quad is located amidst a number of academic and residence halls. The quad is also home to one of Miami's famous traditions, the Sundial turtles.

Tri-Delt Sundial

Tri-Delt Sundial, a large bronze sundial supported on a pedestal by bronze turtles

Just behind Warfield and MacMillan Halls in Central Quad, you’ll find the Tri Delt Sundial, a gift from Delta Delta Delta sorority. It is said that rubbing one of the heads of the copper turtles is good luck, and if done so before an exam, legend says you will receive an “A.”

MacMillan Hall

Exterior MacMillan Hall, red brick building with a large ramp leading up to the entrance 

Kreger Hall

Exterioor Kreger Hall, a red brick building, on a fall day with bright red leaves on the trees

Home of the College of Arts and Sciences. In the lobby of this building is a large pendulum.

Hamilton Hall

 Exterior of Hamilton hall and runner going by, a sunbeam comes through the surrounding trees

MacCracken Hall

Exterior of Maccraken Hall, red brick building with the front entrance supported by large white columns

Recently renovated residence hall

Minnich Hall

 Exterior of Minnich Hall, red brick building with large porch filled with tables and chairs for studying outside

Scott Hall

 Exterior of Scott Hall, red brick building with a large porch for studying and bike racks out front 

Richard Hall

 Exterior of Richard Hall, red brick building that opens up to a grassy field

Recently renovated residence hall