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Additional Services


Daily access to Miami's Recreational Sport Center for conference attendees can be arranged with three levels of passes: daily, weekly, or monthly. Each provides access during regular facility hours to the Leisure Pool and Spa, Sports Forum (basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball), and Fitness Center(for participants aged 17 and older). Costs can be covered by the sponsoring group or incurred by the individual. Additionally, guests at the Marcum Hotel receive complimentary daily passes with each night's stay.

Rental to secure private, restricted access to recreational facilities like courts, pools, or the climbing wall within Miami's Recreational Sport Center can be arranged through a conference planner. Dedicated staff and assistance are scheduled to safely facilitate the group's needs during their scheduled session.

Waivers must be obtained for all private rental and rec pass participants.

Registration Services

Allow Miami's Conference Services to help kick-start your event properly with a dynamic registration form. Work with our registration specialist to consider using our expertise to:

  • Develop a secure (PCI-compliant) online registration site customized for your event
  • Serve as single contact for all registration services for your attendees
  • Send confirmation letters, invoices, and receipts to each attendee
  • Provide comprehensive reports, tracking registration and revenue progress
  • Prepare customized name badges and conference materials
  • Manage registration on-site at the event with a team of Conference Services professionals

Team Building

The Team Building Program aims to help groups reach their goals through a variety of activities that focus on the groups’ goals and objectives. Facilitators are trained to safely lead groups through various programs, help them process the experience, and form connections between the experience and everyday life.

Level 1

If your group is coming together for the first time or has recently had some members come or go, let our Level 1 experience help you get to know each other better while having a ton of creative and active fun!


  • 1 ½ hours
  • Any sized group
  • Indoor or Outdoor Options or Now Available Virtually!

Level 2

Let us bring your group through a series of ground-based activities and then introduce some challenges that safely take us 1 - 10 feet off of the ground.


  • 2 ½ hours
  • 10-60 participants
  • Indoor or Outdoor Options

Level 3

After navigating a series of ground-based activities to build a solid foundation, New Limits will then culminate with trying one of our high-challenge course elements!


  • 4 hours
  • 10-60 participants
  • Intended for the Outdoors

Level 4

The Full Gamut will take you through a comprehensive experience developing your group dynamics, taking a meal break (meal not included), and a chance to experience multiple elements on our high-challenge course!


  • 6 hours
  • 10-60 participants
  • Utilizes our Outdoor Challenge Course

Adventure Race

The Adventure Race is a series of group challenges that will promote group cohesion as you unify to work quickly and try to win the race!


  • 1 ½ hours
  • Intended for larger groups (24-120)

Escape Room

Our Escape Rooms are designed to challenge your group to find and put together the clues within a 60-minute limit. The escape rate is 63% so come put your minds to the test!


  • 1 ¼ hours
  • Group sizes can be 6-10 or 8-14
  • Located indoors on Oxford Campus

Aerial Adventure

Want to get on the challenge course just to push you and your group and have fun? We can set up an experience where you can choose your own challenge among 4 different high course elements 40’ in the air!


  • 2-4 hours
  • 24-80 participants
  • Utilizes our Outdoor Challenge Course

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building activities succeed in allowing a diverse, remote group to better know each other while learning strengths and weaknesses through creative interactions, conversations and sharing, and collaborative challenges. Build your team even when you can't be together


  • 60-75 minutes
  • 10-25 participants
  • Supported by a professional moderator and tech support during the session