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Change Champions Enhance Workday Implementation

Miami University Workday Change Champion logo

Change Champions Enhance Workday Implementation

The Change Champion program for the Workday implementation project got underway this week with the goal of enhancing the rollout of the new system to the university.

Change Champions is a group of around 40 individuals from across the university who are willing to engage the community to increase awareness and help facilitate the change from Banner to Workday from now through the go-live date in July 2024. These engagements are all about sharing information, collaborating with the rest of the university, and most importantly, gathering feedback that can be shared with the project team.

The members of the program all bring some important characteristics to the table. They are:

  • Key Influencers within their areas
  • Credible Opinion Leaders
  • Willing to learn and excited about new opportunities
  • Good communicators and are able to deliver pertinent information back to their divisions
  • Able to challenge the status quo and continually look for system efficiencies
  • Able to participate in activities crucial to project success, including training sessions,  providing communications, and using the learning approaches that will be provided to the rest of the university employees.

You may be wondering how you can also help the transition to Workday, even if you were not chosen to be part of the main Change Champion program. That is actually pretty easy. You can be part of the Change Champion Ambassador Network. Members of this group can also assist with change advocacy and be part of the early training opportunities as they become available. Look for more information on this program in the coming weeks on the Workday website.

Change Champion Members

  • Jason Abbitt
  • Tresa Barlage Zianno
  • Liz Bath
  • Jess Bathe
  • Sherri Bowling
  • John Buchholz
  • Brandon Burke
  • Brett Couch
  • Drew Davis
  • Carolyn DeWitt
  • Laura Driscoll
  • Pete Ferris
  • Rosanne Gulley
  • Stephanie Heitz
  • Brent Leishman
  • Emma Lester
  • Nicole Lynch
  • Andrew Mascari
  • Sarah Mayer
  • Brandon Melling
  • Amy Newsom
  • Karen O'Hara
  • Lori Osterberger
  • Elizabeth Parsons
  • Cody Pergram
  • Glenn Platt
  • Laurie Sampson
  • Joy Seick
  • Nkosi Shanga
  • Aaron Shrimplin
  • Denny Sundermeier
  • Candace Taylor
  • Joan Walker
  • Liz Walsh
  • John Ward
  • Diana Weneck
  • Jessica Williamson
  • Katie Wilson
  • Cheryl Young
  • Kris Zomchek