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Customer Confirmation Sessions Begin to Rave Reviews

Customer Confirmation Sessions Begin to Rave Reviews

As part of the Architect and Configure phase of the Workday implementation project, Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) got underway this week, and the early feedback has been tremendous. “I have attended many Customer Confirmation Sessions over the years and have never seen a customer team take such ownership of the sessions,” noted Wendy Landsiedel, Lead Engagement Manager from Avaap. “I am exceptionally impressed with the thoughtful preparation that clearly went into the content selection and the team's navigation in Workday in the demos. If you continue to learn and grow at this pace, your go-live will be a huge success! Congratulations to the Finance team and David Ellis for a very successful week.”

CCS is going on now through early December. These sessions are a time for the Miami functional team leads and sub-leads to “get into the driver’s seat” and present a few of the high-impact Business Processes to key resources in their areas. During the sessions, Miami project team members – with support from their Avaap counterparts – will provide a high-level showcase of their work to date.

“The Spend team independently designed, practiced, and delivered successful overviews in the CCS sessions - well done,” said Mike Pacini, Avaap Spend Lead.

The sessions are Miami-led, and supported by Avaap representatives to provide a platform for communication and knowledge transfer, which should help the functional offices and subject matter experts gain buy-in and approval of the presented processes. They will also provide a mechanism for the offices to recommend potential changes.

Here is the schedule for the CCS events:

November 27

  • FDM Overview
  • Position Budgets
  • Projects
  • Procurement

November 28

  • Grants
  • Customer Accounts/Contracts
  • Banking
  • Endowments

November 29

  • Expenses
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Business AssetsFinancial Reporting and Accounting
  • Operating Budgets

December 4

  • Recruiting

December 5

  • Human Capital Management Core
  • Benefits

December 6

  • Learning
  • Advanced Compensation

December 7

  • Absence
  • Time Tracking

December 8

  • Payroll
  • Talent

Next up for the Workday project teams after CCS will be End-to-End Testing, which is set to get started on January 2.