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Customer Confirmation Sessions Finishing Up

Customer Confirmation Sessions Finishing Up

The Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) are concluding this week, which is the culmination of a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, practicing, and presenting.

As part of the Architect and Configure phase of the implementation, the CCS got underway last week. These sessions provide the Miami functional team leads and sub-leads with the opportunity to “get into the driver’s seat” and present a few of the high-impact Business Processes to key resources in their areas. CCS is a key project milestone with several positive impacts, including:

  • Introducing Workday key concepts to the Miami team
  • Providing visualization to end users
  • Validating decisions and assisting with the final configuration
  • Facilitating/supporting change management

Participants were asked to submit feedback on the sessions which will be collected and reviewed by members of the Organizational Change Management team, and processes demonstrated during the sessions will be revised based on the feedback received. Miami’s implementation partner, Avaap has also been providing feedback along the way.

According to Avaap Recruiting Consultant Brittany Chapman, “Mike Savnik, the Director of OEEO, did an outstanding job kicking off the HCM portion of Customer Confirmation Sessions!  He was exceptionally well prepared, demonstrated Workdays Recruiting capabilities with ease, and showed how much he has learned in these short few months. Mike was extremely engaging and his confidence within the system was apparent as he captured the audience’s attention. At the end of the session, his peers noted what an extraordinary job he did relaying how hard he has worked to create an excellent user experience for Miami and its applicants.”

Throughout CCS, the project teams have been documenting any key configuration changes. To prepare for these sessions, many hours were spent creating and running through test scenarios, capturing screenshots, structuring session materials, and practicing their presentations. The actual sessions are lasting anywhere from one to four hours.

“Kudos to Jeana {Becker} and Karen {Wilson} - working tirelessly to practice and fine-tune the CCS dry runs and presentation to make it a success,” noted Avaap Benefits Lead Jii Khoo. “And many behind the scenes supporting the Miami cast - thank you Sarah {Persinger}, Tori {Ashley}, Ruth {Groom}, Dan {McCuen - Avaap}, Kent {Covert} for providing feedback.”

The last two days of CCS will include presentations on:

  • Absence
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll
  • Talent

Next up for the Workday project teams after CCS will be End-to-End Testing. Planning for this is set to get started on December 11, with the actual testing beginning on January 2.

Additional CCS Feedback

“Ruth {Groom} did great! She was so thorough, maintained the pace, and ensured the content she presented was appropriate and useful for the audience regardless of their level of exposure to Workday without being overwhelming and confusing. She rocked it!”

– Gabe Ramirez, Avaap HCM Team Lead

“Jeff {Shaver} rocked his CCS presentation! He was able to articulate clearly the present state of Learning at Miami and their hopes for the future. The audience was actively engaged as Jeff was confidently demonstrating everything that he and the project team had done up to this point. You could tell he really knew what he was talking about when answering questions that he was asked. I am proud of Jeff and the team for all the work they've put in so far!”

– Brittany Hammerschmidt, Avaap Learning Lead

“Gary {Barnes} was extremely collaborative and thoughtful throughout this project. He put in a lot of time and effort into streamlining Miami's compensation processes and has been key in this project's success to this point.”

– Dan McCuen, Avaap HCM/Compensation Consultant

Stay Informed

To learn more about the Workday implementation, visit the project website at There you will have the opportunity to sign up for future editions of the project update newsletters and schedule a Workday presentation for your group or department. If you have any questions about the project, please send an email to