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Wrap up of Customer Confirmation Sessions

Wrap up of Customer Confirmation Sessions

The Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) are all finished up, and accolades for a job well done keep pouring in.

"Melissa {Wyatt} put in a lot of hard work and thoughtful preparation when it came to bringing Miami's talent and performance processes into Workday," noted Brittany Hammerschmidt, Avaap Talent Lead, and Dan McCuen, Avaap Talent Consultant. "She brought focus to important details to make this project successful to this point."

A total of 23 sessions took place over a two-week period. CCS was one of the last major tasks of the Architect and Configure phase of the implementation, with End-to-End Testing getting started on January 2.

These sessions provided the Miami functional team leads and sub-leads with the opportunity to provide a show-and-tell of a few of the high-impact Business Processes to key resources in their areas.

Participants were asked to submit feedback on the sessions which will be collected and reviewed by members of the Organizational Change Management team, and processes demonstrated during the sessions will be revised based on the feedback received. Miami’s implementation partner, Avaap has also been providing feedback along the way.

According to Avaap Time Tracking Lead Megan Welch, “Lauran {Franklin} did a great job preparing detailed content and presented with confidence. She demonstrated a deep understanding of Workday and communicated the benefits of the Time Tracking implementation to the rest of the team.”

“When Lisa {Riendeau} was presenting, she presented like a Workday consultant, with so much confidence and keeping a smile on her face all the time,” according to Avaap Payroll Team Lead Pramod Matiki.

Following a well-deserved Holiday break, the teams will be back at it on January 2 when End-to-End testing gets underway. 

Stay Informed

To learn more about the Workday implementation, visit the project website at There you will have the opportunity to sign up for future editions of the project update newsletters and schedule a Workday presentation for your group or department. If you have any questions about the project, please send an email to