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Workday Team Lets Loose During 24 Celebration

Several Workday celebration attendees play a game with balloons

Workday Team Lets Loose During 24 Celebration

As the Workday project continues to progress forward further into the End-to-End Testing phase, the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team thought it would be a good idea to reward those who have been working diligently on the project for the last year, especially those heavily engaged in the current testing.

So, Sarah Persinger, the OCM Lead for the project, designed the "Workday 24 Celebration". On Thursday, January 24, beginning at 2:40 p.m., around 60 or so project members gathered to relax, socialize, and have fun as a reward for their tireless contributions. Many of the Executive Sponsors, Steering Committee members, project leads, testers, and even the Project Manager (Kent Covert), gathered in the Marcum Conference Center to partake in a series of 24 activity stations.

Group of cookies with the Workday logo imprinted on themActivities ranged from arts and crafts, stretching, board games, massage chairs, and a visit from a pair of therapy dogs. Refreshments were provided, including the world-famous Miami Workday cookies.

End-to-End testing will continue into the first week of March.

To learn more about the Workday implementation, visit the project website at There you will have the opportunity to sign up for future editions of the project update newsletters and schedule a Workday presentation for your group or department. If you have any questions about the project, please send an email to

Workday 24 Celebration

Attendees standing and talking at the Workday celebration at the Marcum Conference Center Poppy the therapy dog sitting on a chair with a stuffed dog toy
Attendees of the Workday celebration sitting around a table talking and eating snacks