The Tri Delt Sundial and MacCracken Hall

June 2017

Project Dragonfly Self Registration Project

A team involving Global Initiatives, Registrar, Project Dragonfly and College of Arts and Science staff recently completed a project to create a smooth transition for Project Dragonfly students as they begin to use Bannerweb for self-registration.  Project Dragonfly offers graduate courses and master's degree programs to its students through either the Global Field Program (GFP) or the Advance Inquiry Program (AIP), and content is delivered through study abroad, participating institutions and an online platform.  More than 1,000 students nationwide participate in the program, and it is the largest master degree program at the University.  

Prior to the completion of the project, students in the Dragonfly program were not able to self-register for courses.  Staff in Global Initiatives and the Project Dragonfly Office collected the information from an online form, manually calculated the amount of tuition and fees, and entered both the course registration and billing information into Banner.  A recent simplification to the Project Dragonfly tuition and fee rate made it possible to automate the billing process and enable Project Dragonfly students to self-register for courses using Bannerweb for everything except the study abroad component of the program.  This resulted in 614 summer course registrations and 1,190 for the fall semester being completed by students.  Additionally, nearly 2,300 bills will now be system-calculated instead of hand- calculated, reducing the possibility of billing errors and resulting in a simplified bill for students. 

The transition team helped facilitate training for Dragonfly staff for tasks formerly completed by the Global Initiatives Office and assisted in the development of a plan to communicate the changes to students along with instructions on how to use Bannerweb.   Team members were Meggan Davison, Mary Jo Lahrmann, Connie Malone, Jamie Anzano and Marcia Nantz from Project Dragonfly; Samantha Ledford and Debbie Davidson from Global Initiatives; Marsha Walters and Lora McCargish from the Registrar; and Ruth Groom from the CAS Dean's Office.

Lean Metrics

As another fiscal year comes to a close, the Lean Initiatives Office would like to take this opportunity to share the Lean program‘s metrics. Since tracking of the program began in 2011, Lean teams across campus have closed 1145 projects, another 168 are currently in process, and 31 more projects remain in the parking lot awaiting resources. Currently, 79 employees are enrolled in the Lean Certification program, 21 will begin in fall 2017, and 57 have completed the program and are now Senior Lean Leaders. The program has yielded over $32 million in cost avoidance, over $12 million in cost reduction, and nearly $7 million in increased revenue with over 850 staff members serving on at least one Lean team and over 300 of them serving as a team leader. Through these projects, Miami University has been able to continuously improve service, generate new ideas for resource creation, and eliminate or reduce waste in our processes.

These outcomes are truly amazing, and were only possible due to the exceptional contributions of Miami’s staff.

Certification News

Connie McCarthy (PFD), James Oris (Academic Affairs), Ann Bainbridge Frymier are our newest Certified Lean Leaders.  They have completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program.  Congratulations Connie, Jim and Anne.