Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices

Emeriti Faculty Memorials

For a list of recently published memorials for emeriti faculty, see below.*
*Note that all links represent PDF files.
Name Department Date
Bennison, Martin Theatre 2010
Cantrell, Joseph Chemistry/Biochemistry 2009
Etheridge, Robert Division of Student Affairs 2010
Forshey, Harold Comparative Religion 2010
Goodell, George Finance 2011
Griffing, David Physics 2011
Jahnke, John Psychology 2011
Kane, Stanley Philosophy 2010
Kirby, Jack History 2009
McLellan, David Political Science 2010
Morenberg, Max English 2012
Myers, Robert Marketing 2011
Olson, Bruce Finance 2008
Poth, James Physics 2011
Priest, Joseph Physics 2009
Snider, John Physics 2009