Trustee Resolution

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Resolution R2016-

Miami Tuition Promise

December 4, 2015
Finance and Audit

WHEREAS, the Ohio General Assembly appropriated additional funding for public higher education in Ohio for the explicit purpose of freezing tuition for resident undergraduate students for academic year 2015-6 and academic year 2016-17; and

WHEREAS, the Miami University Board of Trustees (Board) intends to adopt an ordinance freezing tuition at the fall 2014 level for all returning resident undergraduate students on all campuses and first time resident undergraduate students on the regional campuses; and

WHEREAS, the Board desires to offer resident undergraduate students enrolling on the Oxford Campus for the first time the effect of the same tuition freeze while also providing them greater certainty about the cost of tuition for all four years they are expected to enroll on the Oxford Campus; and

WHEREAS, Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code §3345.48) authorizes universities to establish an Undergraduate Tuition Guarantee Program (Program) by adopting a rule for the governance of the Program; and

WHEREAS, such rule must be submitted to the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education for approval; and

WHEREAS, the Board believes that a tuition guarantee program when combined with guaranteed room and board rates and other instructional fees will provide students and their families with the certainty that the cost of their education will not increase over the four academic years of their Miami experience; and

WHEREAS, the Board is convinced that by holding these costs constant, the Miami Tuition Promise will provide the confidence and certainty that families need to plan financially for a college education; and

WHEREAS, in establishing the initial price for tuition under the Program the Board intends that the cost of tuition be no more than the effect of a tuition freeze in the first year of the four year guarantee and annual increases of 2% for the remaining three years of the guarantee;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees adopts the Miami University Tuition Promise attached hereto as Exhibit A for the governance of the Program; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services are authorized to submit the Miami University Tuition Promise to the Tuition Promise Attachment B Finance and Audit Ordinances and Resolutions Attachment B Attachment Page 12 of 43 December 4, 2015 Overall Page 16 of 107 Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education for approval as required by Ohio Revised Code 3345.48 and are further authorized to modify the Program as may be appropriate to obtain the approval by the Chancellor; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Miami University Tuition Promise shall become effective with the approval of the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education and shall be implemented beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year.