Dr. Linda Marchant, 2017 Benjamin Harrison Award winner Dr. Linda Marchant, Professor in Anthropology and the 2017 Benjamin Harrison Award winner
Dr. Mahmud Khan, 2017 Distinguished Scholar Dr. Mahmud Khan, Assistant Professor in Physics and 2017 Junior Faculty Scholar
Dr. Allen McConnell, 2017 Distinguished Professor Dr. Allen McConnell, Professor in Psychology and 2017 Distinguished Professor
Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, 2017 Excellence in Career Development Awardee Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, Associate Professor in Global and Intercultural Studies and 2017 Excellence in Career Development Awardee
Kate Rousmaniere Dr. Kate Rousmaniere, Professor in Educational Leadership and 2016 Benjamin Harrison Award winner
Provost Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award winners - 2017

University Distinguished Professor

The title of University Distinguished Professor is conferred upon those faculty members whose achievements unequivocally merit the recognition. The selection process involves a rigorous appraisal, including requests of nationally and internationally known scholars in the appropriate discipline outside Miami University to place the nominee among other distinguished scholars of national and international reputation. University Distinguished Professors receive an annual stipend for conducting research and other professional activities.

Selection Criteria

Each nominee must be a:

  • Member of the Miami faculty for a least eight years holding the rank of Professor
  • Teacher of demonstrated excellence and a contributor to the life and mission of Miami University
  • Distinguished scholar of national and international stature with demonstrated recognition and with projected high-level of scholarly productivity in the future


Calls for nominations are issued by the Awards and Recognitions Committee, an advisory committee of University Senate. Nominations for this award must address the criteria mentioned above and must include:

  • Letter of nomination which should specify how the nominee meets the criteria of the award
  • Nominee's current C.V.

Nomination materials for 2018 should be sent on or before November 1, 2017 to awards@MiamiOH.edu

Finalists will be selected based upon the above materials.  If selected as a finalist, the finalist should submit:

  • Personal Statement by the Nominee on His or Her Scholarly & Teaching Record and Future Agenda or Plans
  • Additional letters of nomination to reach a total of four letters.  Each nominee should have a total of four letters (including the nomination letter) – two from internal to the University and two from outside of Miami.  The external nominators should have gained national and international stature in the field. 
  • Documentation of the nominee’s teaching effectiveness and commitment to the advancement of student learning over past five years (e.g., listing of courses taught, by number and name, including the semesters and years in which the courses were taught; quality of teaching, including quantitative measures on which quality is based; amount and effectiveness of advising and mentoring; innovation and impact in curriculum development)
  • Documentation of quality of research and creative activity, including quality impact factors and evidence of national or international acclaim.  Note: This information may be included in the C.V.
  • Names and addresses of three distinguished scholars of national and international stature who are not member of Miami’s faculty and who have agreed to produce supporting letters, should the nominee make it to the final round of review. Note: This information may be included in the C.V.

Selection Process

The Awards and Recognition Committee, an advisory committee of University Senate, solicits nominations from Miami faculty and staff.

The call for nominations for the University Distinguished Professor Award is issued every other year (years beginning with even numbers: 2018-2019, 2020-2021, etc.), alternating with the Distinguished Service Award. It is presented to no more than two recipients.

Nominations are reviewed by the Awards & Recognition Committee.  Letters from the external distinguished scholars will be solicited from those nomination packets deemed to be of the highest quality.  The committee then makes recommendations for finalists; recommendations are submitted to the President and Provost who make the final selection. Notification of the award winners will be sent to the individual, the Dean and the nomination contact person in March. Notification of nominations that were not selected will be sent to the contact person or an appropriate senior member of the nominating team.


Award recipients will be recognized at a major awards reception hosted by the President and Provost in April.