Get Involved

We often have Honors alumni who contact us, asking to stay involved in the Honors community. And while we are happy to accept donations, we believe that alumni involvement extends beyond monetary contributions. Which got us thinking: what are some ways you can be a part of the Honors community without having to be in Oxford?

Student Research Funds

For alumni who are interested in contributing to student research-dedicated funds, we are happy to give you an option to donate directly to Honors. Our dedicated donation site is secure, safe, and directly affects our students and their academic pursuits.

Alumni Spotlight Profiles

Each alumni e-newsletter, we feature our spectacular alumni within a spotlight profile. Just think: the next e-newsletter could feature you! We are always interested to hear what our alumni are doing these days, whether its work, family, further education, or anything else.

To be featured, provide a short written update and photo, or have a short phone conversation with us and provide a picture to include with the feature.