Involvement and Support

The University Honors Program (UHP) is committed to enriching the work of faculty and helping them to continue to grow as educators. We offer various forms of involvement and support for faculty.

Funding for Course Activities

Limited funding is available for special course activities. Faculty and staff may request funds by completing the Honors Funding for Course Activities Form. Please contact Pam Engel ( for more information.

Serve on our Advisory Committees

  • The Honors Program Advisory Committee (HPAC) is a University Senate committee which approves all curricular policies and co-curricular programs and courses.
  • The National Fellowships Committee is a University Senate committee which oversees the on-campus support of Miami students competing for the national fellowships and scholarships.
    • Please note: the UHP is committed to assisting all Miami University students and alumni identify, plan for, and win national scholarships and fellowships to pursue graduate school, study abroad, or professional development. For more information, please visit the National Fellowships and Awards website. Overviews of the fellowships and their descriptions can be found there.

Mentor an Honors Student's Honors with Distinction Project

During their final undergraduate years, Honors students (in the Class of 2018 and after) have the option to pursue Honors with Distinction, which can be earned through the proposal, development, and completion of a large-scale project (e.g., Honors thesis, senior recital) or an intensive pre-professional experience (e.g., student teaching, internship).

Honors with Distinction is entirely optional, but students must have a faculty mentor for their Honors projects to help ensure the quality and rigor of the project. Faculty can mentor students through the process of proposing, completing, and submitting their Honors with Distinction projects. The UHP recommends that students use the following steps for their project:

  • Step 1: Preparing to complete an Honors with Distinction Project
    • Student develops project idea and recruits faculty mentor
    • Student meets with Honors advisor to discuss project idea, proposal process, and (if necessary) suggested improvements
    • Student completes and submits the Honors with Distinction Project Proposal and Submission Form
    • A copy of proposal is sent to faculty mentor, who approves or denies the proposal
    • (If applicable, students may apply for Honors Grant Funding to help support their Honors with Distinction project)
  • Step 2: Completing the project
    • Once faculty mentor approves the proposal, student begins the project
    • Student, working with the faculty mentor, completes their project
    • Students are encouraged to develop a presentation of their project (e.g., Undergraduate Research Forum, digital portfolio website)
  • Step 3: Submitting the project
    • Once the project is complete, the student submits the project through the Honors with Distinction Project Proposal and Submission Form, including an uploaded copy of the final outcome or product of the project (e.g., thesis, recording of a performance, etc.) and a reflective narrative about what the student learned from the project
    • A copy of this submission is sent to faculty mentor, who approves or denies that the project was completed