ASL Interpreter helping a student and professor communicate in class
Professor presenting a slideshow to his class
Guest speaker, Ken Petry, speaks at a past Access MU symposium to a large audience
The varsity hockey team glides across the ice with members of the Best Buddies Choir


Accessible Technology Services (ATS)

Accessible Technology Services (ATS) was created to support accessibility fundamentals across the University infrastructure, providing information and services to enhance equal access for students with and without disabilities. Responsibilities include the review and testing of applications, websites, and documents; accessibility training; and captioning support services. ATS comprises the following staff members:

Sean Poley, Director

Kara Zirkle, Accessible Technology Specialist
Phone: 513-529-9006

Duc Ta, Web Content Accessibility Specialist
Phone: 513-529-3559

Cindy Hurley, ATPS Supervisor

The Accessible Technology Services also leads an Accessible Technology Committee (ATC) comprised of key personnel across the academic and administration departments across campus. This committee works to discuss areas of accessibility throughout the University in hopes of finding areas to bridge and bring together a more accessible University.

Student Disability Services (SDS)

In partnership with ATS, Student Disability Services helps students navigate the necessary steps for documenting their disability and receiving appropriate accommodation for academic success. Their new home in Shriver Center provides space for training and information sessions on a variety of topics, giving students a comfortable place to relax and learn about new technology. Plans are also underway for a new adaptive technology lab, the "AccessMU Center," scheduled to open August 2017.

For questions about student accommodations, contact Director Andy Zeisler, via email or phone at 513-529-1541.