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High-End Meeting Space and Exclusive Accommodations All of a College Campus

Written by Katie Southerland

Photography by Brian Ambs

“You can find the features of a conference property with high-end dining, meeting space, and hotel accommodations on a college campus like ours,” says Kathy Crowley, marketing and sales manager at Marcum. “College campuses are a great place to go for corporate meetings.”

The Marcum Center adheres to all of the IACC guidelines. For example, all banquet and meeting spaces offer an abundance of windows for natural lighting, they have non-glare surface tables, ergonomic chairs, ceiling-mounted AV, and adjustable temperatures in each meeting room. Although these might seem like small comforts that may go unnoticed, Crowley says, “These are the small things that people don’t realize assist in making a meeting run smoothly. These small things are important to the success of a meeting.”

Kathy Crowley

Package plan pricing is also an IACC standard. “You know the package price per person for the entire event before you even get here, and we won’t nickel and dime you on things. Everything is included in that price,” Crowley says. “You need more flip charts or break out rooms, you get them. You need more beverages or snacks, you get them. We will provide you with everything you need to ensure a successful event. It’s all in there.”

The resources available are also important to what’s accomplished in a meeting. According to Crowley, many people don’t realize that all university resources are available at a university conference center. At the Marcum, meeting attendees have access to a built-in speaker’s bureau, an expert on almost every subject, and state-of-the-art technology such as simulcasting, conference calling, and wireless Internet across all grounds to name a few.

The Marcum offers more than business resources, however. In fact, they recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation to the building, which was constructed in 1982. “It used to be very modest, simple accommodations, but we had to restructure ourselves to meet the needs of today’s executive traveler. They expect accommodations close to what they have at home, if not better,” Crowley says.

Completed in June 2012, the renovation created 55 large hotel rooms, each with media ports, flat screen TV’s, high-end linens and towels, and several suites with kitchenettes. Moreover, the center’s renovations concentrated on sustainability efforts. Now included is geothermal heating and cooling, double-pane windows, electric car charging stations in the parking lot, water bottle refill stations, and recycle bins in each guest room, as well as throughout the building. These efforts “are important to every company, and we want to make sure we meet those non-negotiable standards by many of our conference customers,” Crowley says.

The Marcum provides complimentary on-site parking just steps from the building, which makes parking at a university easier than most think it will be on a college campus.

“In most urban areas, you’re going to pay for parking, Internet, and gratuity,” Crowley says. “But many planners are surprised that at the Marcum, they are all complimentary.” No service fee is charged and no gratuities are accepted at the Marcum. “All of our customers enjoy the high level of service that we provide,” Crowley says. “Individualized, personal service is just what we do.”

Besides saving about 20 percent in gratuity charges, guests will enjoy chef Virginia Theill’s menu, which is filled with fresh, sus- tainable dairy, meats, and produce from Ohio farms. The banquet menu provides a variety of selections for breakfast, lunch, and din- ner. And all overnight guests enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. Chef Theill also creates seasonal farm-to- table menu specials.

The chef also makes herself available for team-building activities such as the chili cook-off. This activity is an exercise in team dynamics, multi-tasking, problem-solving, and creativity, where teams prepare and present a chili to the chefs at the Marcum.

Other activities, such as high and low ropes courses or a day of golf, are available. An event planner, who is assigned to all meeting groups, coordinates details from schedules to transportation. All of these services are offered in one package plan price.

Day packages or complete meeting packages that include overnight hotel rooms are available, which Crowley says are helpful for multiple-day meetings. Affordability is a factor no matter what package is chosen because the Marcum “is not that far away. We’re just far enough away to make it feel like you’ve gotten away and that you’ve gotten your staff out of their routine. But we’re also close enough that you’re not spending a lot on travel,” she says.

Small or large companies can be accommodated in the 10,000 square feet of meeting space. Up to 150 people can be seated in a classroom setting, and more than 200 people can be accommodated in a reception area.

“It’s a great place to have a meeting that offers exclusive accommodations and remains budget-friendly,” Crowley says. “But most importantly, it’s a great place because you’re getting a successful event at a uniquely beautiful facility.”