Common Concerns for International Students

English Composition Requirement

All students must earn credit for English Composition and international students are placed into our courses based upon their TOFEL/IELTS scores. The most common sequence of courses is: ENG 108 then 109, and then 112. However, you will consult with an academic advisor on your specific placement during your advising session. Students can earn a maximum of ten hours toward graduation from the combination of these courses.

Exchange Students: International exchange students would also (like all other international students) be placed according to TOEFL score in English 108/109, but with the option not to enroll if they decided not to take the class. Divisional advisors and 108/109 instructors should know that international exchange students' placement in 108/109 is recommended, not mandatory.

Learn more from the First-Year Composition website.

Foreign Language Requirement

The College of Arts and Science requires proficiency at the intermediate level of a foreign language for domestic students. Non-native speakers of English, however, can have this requirement waived. The Office of Admission and the College of Arts & Science Advising Office determines who qualifies for a foreign language waiver.

If you are a native speaker of English, you will be required to complete a language through the 202-level and might consider continuing on with a language you have previously studied. Miami offers placement tests in French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Our placement test does not waive the foreign language requirement, nor does it award academic credit; it provides information that helps you to register for the appropriate level of a foreign language.

Take a foreign language placement test online (login required).