Havighurst Center Fund

Havighurst Center Fund

The purpose of the Havighurst Fund is to provide full or partial support for projects undertaken by full-time faculty and staff, from all Miami campuses and in all disciplines, that focus on Russia, Eastern Europe, and/or Eurasia. Initiatives that promote wider faculty and student awareness of the region and that seek to deepen Miami's programmatic involvement in this area are preferred.

Those who wish to be considered for funding should submit one original and 8 copies of their application to the Havighurst Center, 322 Harrison Hall, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056. Proposals should include a detailed budget and a description of the project's intended impact on students.

Fall Deadline:  In October for Spring events (DEADLINE is October 5, 2018)

Spring Deadline: In March for Fall events (DEADLINE is March 15, 2019)*

Proposals are reviewed by the Havighurst Advisory Committee, comprised of faculty peers, who will submit their recommendations to the Provost for approval.

All applicants are encouraged to contact Stephen Norris, Director of the Havighurst Center, to discuss their proposals before submitting them, at norriss1@miamioh.edu.

We realize that opportunities arise outside of our funding cycles to bring speakers or groups to Miami University (e.g., someone is already traveling to Ohio State University or Indiana University to give a lecture or as a scholar-in-residence) whom you might not otherwise invite. Therefore, budget permitting, we are willing to accept proposals in these circumstances for up to $500 (this amount must take into consideration the costs of travel and lodging, in addition to any honorarium).  It is expected that additional avenues of funding would also be explored.  Please contact the Director of the Center, Stephen Norris, with your proposal at norriss1@miamioh.edu.