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French Placement Testing


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If your native language is French, you should not take the placement test or seek placement guidance. The language placement tests and placement guidance are intended only for student learners who wish to take French as a foreign language. If you have additional questions or for more information about enrolling in French courses, please contact the French & Italian department office at (513) 529-7508.

The French placement test at Miami University does not allow you to skip the language requirement. It is intended for students who have had experience with the French language and want to continue studying French at Miami. This test will help students with previous French experience determine which course at Miami is the appropriate course to continue their French studies.

If you had no French in high school, enroll in FRE 101 first semester.

If you had one or more years of high school French, you must take the placement test.

Placing yourself below the level indicated is not allowed without the permission of an advisor during orientation.

To Take the Placement Test or to look up results from a previously taken test, click the button to the right and log in with your uniqueID and MUNet password.

For your reference, current placement test score ranges are:

1  Year
000-999 = FRE 101

2 Years
000-225 = FRE 101
226-275 = FRE 102
276-999 = FRE 201

3 Years
000-250 = FRE 101
251-300 = FRE 102
301-404 = FRE 201
405-425 = FRE 202
426-999 = FRE 301

4+ Years
000-325 = FRE 102
326-429 = FRE 201
430-450 = FRE 202
451-999 = FRE 301