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Asian Layout in Microsoft Word (Mac)

If you are learning Japanese or Chinese, at some point you will need to start typing your papers and research in Microsoft Word using traditional formatting and layouts that Asians use when creating documents. This formatting is different than entering characters when Microsoft Word is in its default English setting. To change to Asian layouts, Microsoft created a program called the Microsoft Language Register. Here's what you need to do to access the Language Register and switch Microsoft Word for Asian layouts:

  1. If you have Microsoft Word open, you will need to quit it first.
  2. Navigate to the Microsoft Language Register Tool by going to Applications -> Microsoft Office 2011 -> Additional Tools -> Microsoft Language Register -> Microsoft Language
  3. Double-click the app to launch it.  You should see a window that looks like this:

    Language Register Graphic
  4. Select “Japanese,” "Simplified Chinese," or "Traditional Chinese" in the pop-up box and click the OK button.
  5. Close out of the app and navigate back to Microsoft Word and launch Word.
  6. You will now see some subtle changes in Microsoft Word specific to Japanese or Chinese layout and formatting.
    • The Format menu should now have an option called “Asian Layout” from which you can select several specific options for Asian languages.
    • The Formatting Bar will have some extra options added in specific to Asian languages.