2017 Annual Report

Making a difference in our own back yard: 2017 Annual Report Making a difference in our own back yard: 2017 Annual Report

From our Executive Director

Suzanne Kunkel

Dear friends:

“Making a difference” is a theme that has been featured in some way in all of our recent annual reports. And well it should since it is the heart of our mission statement. Inspired in part by adages such as “Think globally, act locally,” and “If you want to change the world, start in your own backyard,” this year’s annual report focuses on the ways in which we are accomplishing our mission in our own backyard. We know that being good neighbors strengthens our communities and reinforces our position as a world-class gerontology center. You’ll see the importance we place on creating positive change for older adults in our local community and in our state in stories about Age-Friendly Oxford, and two projects specifically focused on improving the lives of elders in Ohio.

This year’s annual report also highlights some of the nationally-focused research, service, special lectures, and awards that are central to the broad positive impact that we seek. Our outstanding Scripps Gerontology Center staff and gerontology faculty, our students, our donors, and our partners gave us much to celebrate in 2017.

Thanks to all of you for your investment in our work that makes a positive difference in our own backyard and beyond.


signature Suzanne Kunkel  

Suzanne R. Kunkel, PhD
Executive Director, Scripps Gerontology Center
University Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology & Gerontology

2017 Research Snapshot 43 Research Projects 2.5+ Millón Dollars 16 Principal Investigators #1 Rank in external funding at Miami University

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