Our phd graduates have 100% job placement within 6 months.

PhD Job Placement

Postdoc Career Builders

Our Gerontology PhD grads have gone on to postdocs at:

Brown University

Duke University 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Clemson University

Concordia University (Canada)

Our PhD curriculum is built on three important traditions of gerontology at Miami University: a multidisciplinary approach; expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods; and an emphasis on the social construction of age and aging. With this foundation, our graduates launch careers quickly after graduating.

Within 6 months of graduation:

36%  got post-doctoral research fellowships

32% were hired in tenure-track faculty positions across a variety of social science departments in the U.S.

18% were employed as non-tenure-track faculty at domestic and international universities

14% were employed in research positions at universities and private sector organizations

Recent Graduates

Lydia Manning, PhD

Lydia is Associate Professor of Gerontology and Director, Center for Gerontology at Concordia University in Chicago, IL. Lydia’s research and teaching agenda reflects her commitment to the interdisciplinary exploration of aging in the United States.  As a social gerontologist, she investigates complex and pressing problems related to aging, health, and well-being through independent research that integrates the perspectives and methodologies of gerontology, sociology, and women’s studies.

Selected Publications
  • Manning, L., Radina, M. (2014). Exploring the spiritual capital of mothers of breast cancer survivors: A qualitative analysis. The Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging (Forthcoming).
  • Manning, L., Carr, D., & Kail-Lennox, B. (2014). Do higher levels of resilience buffer the deleterious impact of chronic illness on disability in later life? The Gerontologist (Forthcoming).
  • Manning, L.  (2013). Navigating hardships in old age: Exploring the relationship between spirituality and resilience in later life. Qualitative Health Research. 23(4), 568-575.
  • Manning, L. (2012) Spirituality as a lived experience: exploring the essence of spirituality in late  life. International Journal of Aging and Human Development. 75(2):95-113.
  • Manning, L., Leek, J., & Radina, M.E. (2012). The importance of spirituality to extreme longevity: Explorations into the lives of centenarians. Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging. 24(4), 345-359.