Thomas O. Crist

Professor and Chair

212 Pearson Hall  (513) 529-3100

Biographical Information

I am a terrestrial ecologist with interests in the spatial dynamics of animal movements, populations, and biodiversity. My research spans a wide range of spatial scales from experimental to landscape studies. Habitats include conservation grasslands, forests, and agroecosystems. I emphasize the roles of landscape heterogeneity and land use on insect biodiversity, species interactions, and ecosystem services. In the laboratory, I use a wide range of quantitative tools including statistical modeling, spatial analysis, and geographic information systems.

Recent Publications

Diekötter T, and TO Crist. In press. Quantifying habitat-specific contributions to insect diversity in agricultural mosaic landscapes. Insect Conservation and Diversity.

Campbell, KU, H Klompen, and TO Crist. 2013. The diversity and host specificity of mites (Acari) associated with ants (Formicidae): the roles of ecological and life-history traits of ant hosts. Insectes Sociaux 60: 31-41.

Kraft NJB, LS Comita, JM Chase, NJ Sanders, NG Swenson, TO Crist, JC Stegen, M Vellend, B Boyle, MJ Anderson, HV Cornell, KF Davies, AL Freestone, BD Inouye, SP Harrison and JA Myers. 2011.  Disentangling the drivers of beta-diversity along latitudinal and elevational gradients. Science 333: 1755-1758.

Fahrig L, J Baudry, L Brotons, FG Burel, TO Crist, RJ Fuller, C Sirami, GM Siriwardena and  J-L Martin. 2011. Functional heterogeneity and biodiversity of agricultural landscapes.  Ecology Letters 14: 101-112.

Öckinger E, O Schweiger, TO Crist, JD Davis, DM Debinski, J Krauss, M. Kuussaari, J Pöyry, KS Summerville and R Bommarco. 2010. Life-history traits predict species responses to habitat area and isolation: a cross-continental synthesis. Ecology Letters 13: 969-979.