Kathleen A. Killian

Kathleen KillianAssociate Professor

260 Pearson Hall

Biographical Information

Our neuroscience and behavior lab investigates the link between the insect immune system and the regulation of adult neurogenesis and brain plasticity; the maturation of agonistic behavior; and the determination of social status. We use the cricket, a model influential in the study of agonistic behavior, as our model organism. We also examine how perturbations, such as cold temperature stress, can lead to inflammation and changes in brain function and behavior. In our lab, we utilize behavioral assays; immune system assays; histology; immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy; as well as RNAi, qPCR and other molecular biology techniques. Our overarching goal is to examine the immune system’s ability to influence brain function and animal behavior.

Courses Taught

  • BIO/PSY 159:  Seminar in Neuroscience
  • BIO 305:  Human Physiology
  • BIO 469/569:  Neurophysiology
  • BIO 710:  Graduate Seminar in Neuroscience 

Selected Publications