Meet Our Newest Professors

In the past two years, we have hired four new assistant professors in biology.

  • Rob Baker is a plant evolutionary developmental biologist who studies the genetic and developmental basis of the diverse plant morphologies exhibited by Brassica rapa (cabbages, turnips, bok choy).
  • Tereza Jezkova is a global change biologist interested in the genetic basis of evolutionary change underlying shifts in ecological niches and geographic ranges of vertebrates and other organisms.
  • Jonathan Bauer is a plant ecologist studying plant interactions with soil microorganisms and their roles in agricultural and restoration ecology.
  • Meixia Zhao studies comparative and functional genomics of crop plants, including soybeans and maize.

All four are up and running in their teaching and research, and already have several students involved in their research labs, which is newly renovated for Fall 2019.

Rob Baker
Tereza Jezkova
Jonathan T. Bauer
Meixia Zhao
(Photos: Rob Baker, Tereza Jezkova, Jonathan Bauer and Meixia Zha)