Why at Miami?

This is actually an easy question to answer! Are we the best choice for everyone, and should everyone get their master's in Mathematics at Miami? Of course not! In fact, if you are seriously considering a Ph.D., one could make a strong argument for going directly to a Ph.D. program so you will not have to prove yourself twice.   However, if you only want a master's degree or if you want to ease your transition into a large Ph.D. program, our program may well be the one for you. Here are some reasons: 

Miami University and the Department of Mathematics are proven quantities. Miami has been recognized time and again as a "Public Ivy", offering tremendous educational opportunities. The Department has been recognized by its peers in similar fashion, often garnering national recognition and awards.

Our program is rather small when compared to many Ph.D.-granting departments. We usually have only 20 to 25 graduate students at any given time, hence classes are small with a great deal of personal interaction between students and faculty. Graduate student and faculty offices are not far from each other, facilitating this interaction.

Do you want to try your hand at teaching? Unlike many programs, here at Miami you will most likely have an opportunity to teach your own class -- most likely College Algebra, Precalculus, or Calculus.  This will give you an excellent taste of professional life in higher educaiton.