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Microbiology at Miami

Miami Microbiology Club

What are we?

The Micro Club is an organization created to promote student interest and development in microbiology, and to advance scientific knowledge through personal associations and the interchange of ideas. The Micro Club is affiliated with the Ohio Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), and membership in the Miami Microbiology Club also makes you a member of the Ohio Branch of the ASM.

Who can join?

The majority of the club members are undergraduates majoring in Microbiology, Medical Laboratory Science, Biology, or Zoology. However, all majors are welcome provided you maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the University. Graduate students and faculty can become associate members of the club.

When are the meetings, and where are they held?

The regular meetings are held once a month. The meetings will be held in a classroom of Pearson Hall. Flyers will be posted in Pearson Hall and in Hughes Laboratories at least one week before each meeting telling you when and where to meet. The Micro Club's official newsletter In Vitro will also be sent out several times a semester with an updated schedule of events.

What will we do?

The meetings will cover future events and any other club business needing to be addressed. Other events include speakers from hospitals, clinics, graduate schools, industries, and medical schools. These speakers will discuss current topics and specific opportunities in microbiology and clinical lab science. (If you find an interesting topic or person you would like to invite, contact us!) Other activities include picnics at the beginning and end of each year, movie nights, social gatherings, field trips to such places as Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Kettering Cancer Institute, Miller Brewing Company, graduate and medical schools in the surrounding area, and service opportunities such as blood drives, food drives, and teaching elementary students about microbiology at Marshall Elementary.

Are there any dues in this organization?

Yes. Typically, dues will cover the student membership in the American Society for Microbiology and a subscription to ASM News, a club t-shirt, and micro club correspondence materials, flyers for announcements, refreshments after the meetings, and for reimbursing the traveling expenses of speakers. An ASM membership form must be filled out and returned with your dues. You can pick up a form at the first club meeting or in the micro club mailbox in the micro office in 32 Pearson Hall.

You too can get involved next year as an executive board member. The Micro Club is an excellent way to get to know the faculty, graduate students, and your fellow microbiology and medical laboratory science majors. If you want to get involved, BE THERE!

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