Psychrophilic algae
Microbiology at Miami

Graduate Student Seminars

MBI 690 Seminars
Spring 2019

218 Pearson Hall
Mondays@4:15 pm

February 11

Organizarional Meeting
No seminar

February 18

Jyoti Kashyap
“Investigating Quaternary Amine  Degradation Pathways  from  Human gut and Environmental Isolates B1d”

February 25

Chandra Mani Kafle
“ATM-mediated regulation of DNA damage responses and cell cycle in Adenovirus infected cells "

March 4

Christopher Chen
“Regulation of DNA-PK activation during Adenovirus infection ”

March 11

Joseph Mikulin
“Expression and function of SLAMF9

March 18

Nathan Schwab
“The biphasic lifecycle of two Mycoplasma species: evasion, shape change, and virulence

April 1

Brianna Bates
“Characterizing SLAMF9

April 8

Md Aminul Islam
“Investigating the immune response against Acinetobacter baumannii

April 15

Abigail Mills
"Sustained CEF and the effects on  Chlamydomonas sp. UWO241."

April 29

Parnell Sheldon

Wednesday, May 1

Autumn Robinson