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Microbiology at Miami

Honors Program in Microbiology

We have approximately 250 undergraduate majors, of which nearly 20% participate in the Miami University Honors Program. In addition, the we offer a program in Departmental Honors for students who qualify for and desire independent work in Microbiology under the guidance of a faculty mentor(s). Students who successfully complete such an effort graduate with a departmental honors notation on their transcripts and under their names in the commencement program.


Students must be seniors majoring in Microbiology or Medical Laboratory Science, and must have a grade point average of at least 3.50 in the major in which departmental honors work is desired. They must also be involved in either laboratory- or library-based Microbiology research.

Students who qualify must register for MBI 480: Departmental Honors for a minimum of 2 semester hours. These credits may be taken in one or more semesters of the senior year; typically, students enroll for 2 credits as part of the Microbiology Capstone Experience (MBI 480). Approvals of the department chair and the faculty mentor of your honors work are required for registration.

Required Course:

MBI 480 Departmental Honors (1-6; maximum 6)

Departmental honors may be taken for a minimum of one semester hour and a maximum of six semester hours in two semesters of student's senior year. 

This course is an honors version of our independent studies courses, and substitutes for either MBI 477: Independent Study or MBI 440: Research Problems.  Furthermore, MBI 480 serves as a Miami Plan Capstone Experience when combined with MBI 490.

Relation to University Honors Program:

Microbiology Departmental Honors may be integrated with the University Honors Program, such that the final thesis based on one's research can count as an Honors experience. University Honors students should contact their University Honors advisor for more information about how to integrate a Departmental Honors project with University Honors.  In addition, we offer honors versions of some of our courses, including BIO/MBI 115H: Biological Concepts I, BIO/MBI 116H: Biological Concepts II, and MBI 361H: Epidemiology