Additional Undergraduate Programs

Students wearing protective gear work in lab. One student holds up a specimen
Students presenting a poster
Exterior of Pearson Hall
Students listen as a professor lectures in the classroom
Microscope stage
A gloved hand is seen performing streaking tasks
A gloved hand is seen performing gram stain tasks
Gloved hands identify unknowns
Students bend over microscopes to view specimens

Miami University provides additional opportunities for you to enhance your Miami Experience. Some students may elect to complete a co-major, which provides a multidisciplinary expansion to one's education. Other students may elect to participate in internships, either in academia, industry, or government, thereby providing first-hand experience in the workplace as they build their career. Qualified students have the opportunity to become involved in an honors experience, either through the University Honors Program or by satisfying our Microbiology Departmental Honors requirements.

The Department of Microbiology also is a full participant in the Miami Plan, and provides a variety of Miami Plan course offerings, including Foundation Courses, Thematic Sequences, and Capstone Experiences.