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Medical Lab Science FAQs

How do I earn a degree in Medical Laboratory Science?

The B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science may be earned by following a "combined program", which includes a one year clinical laboratory internship at a Miami University-affiliated hospital, following either three or four years of preinternship study at Miami. The B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science must include a total of 134 semester hours, comprised of 96 preinternship and 38 internship hours program, as indicated, with a fourth year internship at one of the teaching hospitals affiliated with the program. (See most recent catalog.)

What is the "clinical year"?

The "clinical year" is a year of full-time study at a Miami University-affiliated, nationally accredited hospital laboratory. The year is comprised of lecture and laboratory courses in clinical chemistry, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, hematology and immunohematology. Diverse elective rotation sites include public health, forensic, and research laboratories.

How do I get into an internship program?

These internships are awarded at the sole discretion of the hospital's Admissions Committee. Admission is based upon curriculum, performance and personal interview. Miami University establishes the requirements of the three academic years for students who wish to compete for these internships, and will award the degree upon successful completion of the fourth year.

Can I get my degree before completing an internship?

Students may also elect to earn an A.B. or B.S. in Microbiology first, then apply for admission to any ASCP accredited teaching hospital to fulfill the internship requirement of the National Registry program.

How do I fulfill the Miami Plan Capstone requirement?

The MLS internship (courses MBI 487, 488, and 489) fulfills the Miami Plan Capstone requirement.

How can I find out more about the Medical Laboratory Science program?

For more complete details of these and other options within this area, you are urged to contact, early and frequently, the Medical Laboratory Science Program Director, Dr. Marcia Lee. Current policies regarding requirements, applications, petitions, etc., are available only through her office.