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Registration Override Request (ROR) and Banner Waitlist

Does my course use ROR or Banner Waitlist?

Logging in to Course List will help you determine whether your course is using the ROR application or Banner Waitlist.

  • Log in to the Course List (top right-hand corner of the page using your unique ID and password).
  • Search for the course you want to add.
  • When the results are displayed, review the information displayed in the “Enrollment” column.  This column will tell you the current capacity of the course and whether you have the option to “Submit Registration Override Request” or “Join Waitlist on BannerWeb.”  If the course has a waitlist, you can also see the capacity of it.   

Banner Waitlist Example

For more information about Banner Waitlisting and how to add yourself to a waitlist for a course, visit the Banner Waitlisting page on the One Stop website.

Registration Override Request Example

For more information about Registration Override Requests, visit the Registration Override page on the One Stop website.


Registration Override Request Dates for Fall 2023 courses

All times are in the Eastern Time (ET) zone

Registration Override Requests can be submitted once a student’s registration time ticket is opened and until the start of the semester.  However, there are specific timeframes for when the departments will be reviewing requests. 

Please pay attention to the dates below.


  • August 21st at 5 pm: submissions are due
  • August 23rd at 5 pm: Departments will make ROR decisions no later than this date and time.
  • August 24th at 5 pm: If there are conflicts (e.g. time conflicts, excess hours, etc.), students must resolve them by this date and time to be added to the course
* Any ROR submitted after August 21st will be considered on a space-available basis.

Contact CAS Advising

Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Science, Miami University, Oxford, OH, helps students make decisions about majors, minors, and thematic sequences; monitors student academic progress; and provides assistance with course planning.