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Fulfilling Your Requirements

To complete a bachelor’s degree at Miami University, you must earn 124 semester hours that include completion of the following: the Miami Plan, the College Requirement, your major, and elective hours (2nd major, co-major, minor)

The College Requirement

The College of Arts and Science is the centerpiece of liberal arts education at Miami University and the largest academic division on campus. As such, the College encompasses a rich diversity of disciplinary opportunities and experiences across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, languages, statistics to mathematics, and interdisciplinary programs.

Using this broad foundation, an Arts and Science education is devoted to intellectual analysis, critical thinking, and honing transferable skills that will be used for a student’s entire lifetime. Employers demand a smart, globally minded workforce that can creatively solve problems while drawing upon a broad and adaptable skill set, and the College prepares its students for a vast array of career opportunities.

The Miami Plan

Miami University was founded on the belief that a liberal education provides the best possible framework for life in a changing world. At Miami, liberal education complements specialized studies in the major. It is designed to help students understand and creatively transform human culture and society by giving students the tools to ask questions, examine assumptions, exchange views with others, and become better global citizens.


Applying for Graduation

You must apply for graduation whether or not you plan to attend the commencement ceremony.  


You should apply for the graduation date that represents the term you will have completed all of your degree requirements.  


♦ May graduation - apply by November 1
♦ August graduation - apply by March 1
♦ December graduation - apply by May 1
♦ January graduation - apply by May 1


For additional information regarding graduation, please visit the Commencement website.


To confirm that the application has been received and processed, check your degree audit for the following note:
Your application for graduation had been recorded Candidate for: Your Grad month and year will be here.

Graduation Review Process

Once the deadline to apply for graduation has passed, the College of Arts and Science Academic Advising Office will begin reviewing the degree audits of all graduation candidates to confirm whether requirements are being met or if there are problems that might interfere with a student’s ability to graduate.


Students will receive an email notification indicating either that their requirements are in progress for completion or that they have deficiencies that will prevent them from graduating in the upcoming graduation. 


Students with deficiencies will be invited to meet with a CAS academic advisor to review their situation and make a plan for resolution.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings.

Attending Our Recognition Ceremony

The CAS Recognition Ceremony is a smaller event designed to complement the university ceremony. Graduates will have their names read individually as they walk across the stage to receive their diploma covers and to be professionally photographed.

Have Questions?

Contact CAS Advising

Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Science, Miami University, Oxford, OH, helps students make decisions about majors, minors, and thematic sequences; monitors student academic progress; and provides assistance with course planning.