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Course Registration

Step 1: Review your Degree Audit

Early in the semester, review your degree audit and make sure your major(s), minor(s), and thematic sequence (if applicable) are listed correctly. If they do not appear or if they are incorrect, this may affect your ability to register for the appropriate courses. 

Step 2: Meet with your Advisor

Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor to discuss your registration plan and progress toward your degree. They can offer you insights into what courses are being offered and how they will help you achieve your academic goals.

Step 3: Find Out When You Can Register

All students are assigned a specific registration time, known as a time ticket or registration window. The registrar assigns registration time tickets according to earned credit hours. You can find your earned credit hours by looking at the "Undergraduate Summary to Date" section on the last page of your degree audit.
How/When Do I Register for Classes? (One Stop)

Step 4: Plan Your Courses

It is important that you know how to access information on specific courses and any prerequisites that might exist. The registration system may allow you to register for a course without having fulfilled the necessary prerequisites.
  1. Use Course List to view course offerings.  Be sure to check the course details for any prerequisites or restrictions that might impact your registration.
  2. Make a list of the types of courses for which you hope to register.  Sometimes these will be specific required courses, but other times they might be a type of course with multiple options (e.g., Miami Plan Creative Arts, or a range of options within a major).
Registration (One Stop)

Step 5: Register Online

Register online during your assigned registration window or during open registration periods.

For additional information, please check the One Stop.

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Changing Your Course Registration

You can change your course registration in BannerWeb during your registration window and during the open registration period. Please review the academic calendar for add/drop deadlines.

Adding a Course

You can add open courses during the add/drop period using BannerWeb.  If you wish to add a course that is closed or a course for which you are receiving registration add errors, you will use Course List to confirm whether the course is using the Banner Waitlist or Registration Override Request (ROR) application.

Dropping a Course

 If you do not wish to complete a course, you MUST officially withdraw from the course; you cannot just stop attending.  During the first few days of the term, you may drop a course using BannerWeb.  Once BannerWeb registration closes, you must email your instructor and ask that they drop you from the course roster. However, before deciding to drop a course, we recommend that you consult the instructor and your academic advisor to discuss the implications. There are very specific deadlines that dictate the consequences of dropping a course. Dates and deadlines vary between full-semester and sprint courses.

Note: Please consult the academic calendar for official withdrawal deadlines.


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Contact CAS Advising

Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Science, Miami University, Oxford, OH, helps students make decisions about majors, minors, and thematic sequences; monitors student academic progress; and provides assistance with course planning.