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Prospective CAS Students

The College of Arts and Science (CAS) provides the core of Miami's liberal arts curriculum and offers diverse undergraduate majors and co-majors across the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics & statistics, and social sciences, as well as programs that cross disciplinary boundaries. In addition to over 55 majors and co-majors, we also offer 51 minors.

Prospective Student Appointments

We are happy to hear that you are considering Miami University, and the College of Arts and Science specifically, for your undergraduate education.  Academic advisors in the College of Arts and Science are available to meet with prospective students to answer general questions about academic opportunities and expectations in the College.   These conversations take place in scheduled appointments that are conducted in-person or via Zoom.  To schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor, call our office at 513-529-3031.  Be sure to specify that you are a “prospective student.” 

You may be asked to identify your student type listed below: 

  • First-Year Student - If you are preparing for your first semester in college, excluding any college courses you may have taken in high school, we consider you a first-year student.
  • Transfer Student - If you have previously attended a college or university as a degree-seeking student, we consider you a transfer student.
  • International Student - If you are not a US citizen and/or you have attended high school outside the US, we consider you an international student.

Please note: All academic advising and course registration will take place in conjunction with the student’s orientation program

Undergraduate Studies

Acquire the knowledge that will serve as the foundation for your career — and the rest of your life — with the College of Arts and Science's undergraduate programs. We're grounded in a core liberal arts curriculum, while always looking forward — continually evolving these programs in response to employers who require a bright, globally minded workforce.

Undeclared in CAS

Being undeclared in the College of Arts and Science allows you to explore the broadest range of academic areas offered by the College.

The support and guidance you receive from academic advisors in the College of Arts and Science, as well as from faculty advisors and career specialists, will also help you:

♦ Develop a sense of your interests and aptitudes
♦ Create a strong academic plan
♦ Declare a major by end of the first semester, sophomore year
♦ Identify and access available resources
♦ Comprehend basic university policies

Explore Majors

Below are some suggestions that can help you discover a major that's right for you:

  • Take courses that explore different fields of study. You can usually do this while completing your Miami Plan and/or College requirements.
  • Review the majors available in CAS at Miami University.
  • It may be easier to start by identifying the majors you know you do NOT want to pursue.  From there, you can begin to isolate majors that might be good options for you.
  • Meet with a CAS advisor and/or lead departmental advisors to discuss the majors in which you are interested. See also the list of advisors for CAS minors.
  • Get involved in student organizations that can help you explore different academic interests.

Explore Careers

You can also get an idea of what you want to major in by learning about careers. These suggestions can help you understand the relationship between majors and career choices:

  • Take Career Development for College Students (EDL 100).
  • Make an appointment with a career advisor in the Center for Career Exploration and Success to discuss career testing and to clarify major/career options.
  • Conduct informational interviews and/or set up shadowing experiences with professionals in your fields of interest.
  • Check out career planning resources (Center for Career Exploration and Success).
  • Check out CareerChat podcasts (Center for Career Exploration and Success).

Have Questions?

Contact CAS Advising

Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Science, Miami University, Oxford, OH, helps students make decisions about majors, minors, and thematic sequences; monitors student academic progress; and provides assistance with course planning.