Alan F. Strautman

Assistant Teaching Professor of Microbiology

Office: 44 Pearson Hall
Phone: (513) 529-3128


  • MBI 111: Microorganisms and Human Diseases
  • MBI 123: Experimenting with Microbes
  • MBI 131: Community Health Perspectives
  • MBI 490: Undergraduate Seminar


Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Purdue University, 1989

Research Interests

(Note: instructional faculty - not accepting graduate students)

My area of research involved the use of fluorescent probes of intracellular ionic concentrations (Ca++, H+, etc.) and how changes in these concentrations affect cellular signals. I used fluorescent microscopy to study central nervous system cells in intact organ culture and dissociated cell cultures. I described the changes in ionic concentrations following neuronal injury and the effects of prospective neuroprotective drugs. I also researched fertilization responses in different types of eggs.

Because I taught Anatomy and Physiology to pre-health professionals for many years it has shifted my interest to human disease processes. My recent association with the Microbiology Department, has provided me with new insights into the influences of the microbiome in health and disease. I have a growing interest in how the balance of microbes inside and outside of our bodies play such a significant role in healthy human physiology.

My primary role in the Department of Microbiology is teaching undergraduate students. Currently, I teach Global Miami Plan Foundation courses for non-majors (MBI 111, MBI 123, MBI 131). In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I serve as a summer orientation advisor for students majoring in Microbiology, Public Health and pre-health professions. Within my department, I serve as a faculty advisor for the Microbiology Club.