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Undergraduate Research in Microbiology

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Undergraduate researcher Maeva Metz and Astronaut Al Worden

Maeva Metz is the recipient of as Astronaut Foundation Scholarship  A junior microbiology major and molecular biology minor, Maeva is one of 38 students nationwide to receive the scholarship, among the most significant merit-based scholarships awarded to undergraduate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) college students.

Get the most out of your undergraduate microbiology training by getting involved in undergraduate research. Many Miami undergrads participate in research programs in Microbiology. Contact our faculty with research programs that interest you to explore the possibilities.


Development of a research proposal can help you focus your efforts and provide a roadmap for getting results. Check out some of the undergraduate grant opportunities that are available to help support your research.

Persistence pays!

These are some of the recent accomplishments and recognitions received by our undergraduate researchers.

Undergraduate publications

  • Pritchard, R.E., A.J. Prassinos, J.D. Osborne, Z. Raviv, and M.F. Balish. 2014. Reduction of hydrogen peroxide accumulation and toxicity by a catalase from Mycoplasma iowae. PLoS ONE. 9:e105188.
  • Springer, T.I., E. Goebel, D. Hararaju, and N.L. Finley.  2014.  Mutation in the β-hairpin of the Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin modulates N-lobe conformation in calmodulin.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 453(1):43-48.

Undergraduate grants and awards

Undergraduate Research Awards - Spring 2016
  • Britton Altic, "The detection of heterotrophic bacterial communities by ammonia-oxidizing enrichment cultures”, Annette Bollmann
  • Sara Cuadra, "Effects of hydrogen peroxide on Mycoplasma pneumoniae biofilm development”, Mitchell Balish
  • Brian Donohue, "Overcoming AcMNPV bacmid fp25 hypermutable spots for improved protein expression yields", Xiao-Wen Cheng
  • Karina Fenton, Jackie Jeambey, Paul Barrow, and Sarah Powell, "Exploring anti-germinative and fungicidal potential of Aloe arborescens with Candida albicans”, Marcia Lee
University Summer Scholars - Summer 2017
  • Lucas S. Adams, "Developing a Senisitive HIV Direct Detection System", Xiao-Wen Cheng
Howard Hughes Summer Internships - Summer 2017
  • Peter Brechting, "Examination of Proposed Methyltransferase Enzymes Involved in Methanogenesis with Quatenary Amines", D.J. Ferguson
  • Mary C. Owen, "Sirt7 Regulation During Adenovirus Induced DNA Damage Responses", Eileen Bridge
  • Rebecca L. Wyma, "Characterization of Cellular Properties of Arginine-grown Mycoplasmas", Mitchell Balish
Undergraduate Research Awards - Fall 2016
  • Lyndsey Gregerson, "The induction of indoleamine dioxygenase by interferon-gamma and the effect of signaling molecule C6-ceramide on its upregulation", Joseph Carlin
Orton K. Stark Awardees - 2016-2017

The Orton K. Stark Award is given "in Recognition of Academic Achievement of the Highest Order and Efforts and Talents Reflecting the Learning Traditions of the Department of Microbiology." Recent recipients include:


  • Brian V. Donohue
  • Blake J. Rasor


  • Kristin N. DeMange
  • Maeva L. Metz
  • Neena K. Patel
  • Stephanie M. Swedik