“To have interned in a Spanish-speaking environment has really boosted both my Spanish and professional skills. I feel so much more comfortable talking with native speakers, and in the process I got to help the local Hispanic community in Cincinnati. In addition, it's a great experience to share in an interview or resume. I think it's critical to be able to have practice with the Spanish language and Hispanic culture outside the classroom, and I'm so thankful to have been given that opportunity!”

Su Casa Intern during the spring of 2017:  Nicole Radish, class of 2018, International Studies and Sustainability co-majors, General Business and Spanish minors

Internships for academic credit are classified under the course SPN 340. There are several non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses that offer internships in which you can practice your Spanish-language skills and develop your knowledge of Hispanic/Latino communities including:

Community services/outreach




Media and communications

  • TSJ Media (La Mega 97.7 FM & La Jornada Latina newspaper)


Translation services


Immigration Law

For-profit business

Internships require the following number of hours:

0 to 1 credit  = minimum 45 hours
2 credits = minimum 90 hours
3 credits = minimum 135 hours

Procedure to earn SPN 340 credit (0-3 cr) for an internship:

  1. Student chooses organization/business for placement (from department website or proposes new placement).
  2. Student chooses faculty member to work with to develop their learning objectives.
  3. Student contacts professional supervisor and completes internship agreement.
    Apply for internship agreement
  4. Student shares the internship agreement with faculty member.
  5. Faculty member assists student with the completion of the internship credit form.
    Apply for internship agreement
  6. Internship credit form goes through approval process.