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Nicaragua Medical Immersion


Medical Students in NicaraguaIntegrating Spanish and Health takes place in Granada, Nicaragua for 10 days during which students learn about the local health care system and work with local doctors in medical brigades. Students live with host families and participate in excursions to see the nature and beauty of Nicaragua.

Location Description: Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, located north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras and El Salvador. Those who visit Nicaragua are pleased to discover the hospitality of the Nicaraguan people. Its landscape includes twenty volcanoes and two great lakes, including Lake Nicaragua, the second largest lake in Latin America.

Nursing Student in NicaraguaGranada is one of Nicaragua's most important cities and the country's main destination for international travelers. For centuries it has been called 'The Great Sultana' in recognition of its beautiful colonial architecture. Granada is 40 Km from Managua and less than 30 Km from the capital city's international airport. It is an excellent starting point for exploring some of the main attractions in Nicaragua, from active volcanoes to unique cloud forest ecosystems, from the beautiful islands on Lake Nicaragua to the endless beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Who can go? Any students interested in the healthcare field will benefit greatly from this class and experience!

Classes offered? 

SPN 203 (Spanish for Health Care).  Prerequisite:  SPN 201 or language placement exam score for SPN 202, 203 or 211.  SPN 203 fulfills the CAS language requirement and 3 credit hours towards the Global Perspective Requirement.  This class can be taken instead of SPN 202.

SPN 341 (Advanced Conversation Spanish).  Prerequisite:  SPN 311 or placement score of 311 or above. SPN 341 counts as an elective course for the Spanish major and minor and provides students with 3 credit hours toward their Global Perspectives requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences.

  Students who received a placement exam score for SPN 202 or 203 or above or have completed SPN 202/203 or above.

All Classes take place online prior to and after the travel and face-to-face while we are in Nicaragua


Hear what students have to say about the program:


Contact Nohelia Rojas-Miesse for SPN 341 or Non-credit.  

Contact Julie Szucs for SPN 203.