I-Hawks FAQ


What will I be doing during I-Hawks?

The focus of I-Hawks is the course ACE 111, Special Topics in American Academic Culture for International Students. This 2-credit course meets daily for two weeks (August 10-August 23). You’ll maximize your skills by listening to lectures about academic and cultural topics, taking notes, writing short papers, and practicing university-style exams. The program also includes trips around Oxford (home of Miami University) and Cincinnati (a big city nearby) so that you will gain perspective on living successfully in American culture. You will also have lots of opportunities to interact with American peers and Miami professors. By the time school begins, you will already be comfortable with the campus, and your first day of college will be much less intimidating.

What are the benefits of I-Hawks?

  • Improve American-style test-taking and essay writing skills.
  • Gain experience speaking and interacting with professors.
  • Understand practices and expectations regarding classroom participation.
  • Learn about the university and surrounding cities nearby.
  • Earn better grades. (It's been shown that IHawk participants earn better grades in their first semester compared to peers.)

Who can participate?

Any undergraduate international student is welcome to join I-Hawks.

When does the program start?

I-Hawks 2017 starts August 10.

When should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive to CVG airport on August 8 or early August 9. A bus will pick students up at the airport at 12PM on August 9.

Where will I be staying during IHawk?

The first week of classes you will stay in "camp" housing with the other I-Hawk students.  We will help you move into your dorm room during the second week of classes.

How do I register for IHawk?

To register for I-Hawks 2017 go here HTTPS://MiamiOH.formstack.com/forms/ihawk_2017

Will I have to pay tuition for I-Hawks?

ACE 111 will be taught with no additional tuition charge to you. However, there will be a fee of $750 to cover materials, out-of-class trips, activities, and other costs associated with the program.

What other costs will I be responsible for?

You will pay for housing and food during your extra time in Oxford. You will stay in an on-campus residence hall during the program and pay the early arrival per day charge ($34/day 2016). You will be able to purchase a Miami meal plan at a special rate for this period. If you eat three full meals per day, the dining hall cost would be about $32 daily (2016).

How do I pay for I-Hawks?

All fees (I-Hawks program and housing fees) will be billed to your Bursar Account and will be due by August 28. Meals can be purchased daily using cash, credit card, or a meal plan that you purchase upon arrival.

Student Limit

The program is limited to the first 150 students who apply.