Thinking About Law School

Earning a law degree requires a significant investment in time, energy, and money. This commitment is best met if you spend some time learning about yourself, the law school experience, and the practice of law. Thoughtfully evaluate your reasons for pursuing a law degree. Discover what law is all about and assess whether you would like practicing law. Develop a realistic picture of what attorneys do, and obtain real-world experience in legal settings.

The following steps may help you investigate the legal profession:

  • Research realities related to a law degree—possible career choices, anticipated debt, lifestyle choices, etc.
  • Assess your skills and talents and whether law is a good fit for you.
  • Meet with practicing attorneys and law school graduates, and ask them about their education and career. Informational interviewing and job shadowing are great ways to explore legal careers.
  • Make an appointment with a pre-law advisor to discuss your interest in law.
  • Enroll in PLW 101 and PLW 201, pre-law courses that will expose you to the diversity of the legal profession and the skills used by lawyers in practice.
  • Join a pre-law related student organization, such as Amicus Curiae, Associated Student Government, or Mock Trial.
  • Join the Henry Pre-Law Center listserv as soon as possible by emailing a request to, and make an effort to attend Henry Pre-Law Center events to learn more about the legal profession.
  • Visit the American Bar Association website to learn more about the legal profession.